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Graphic Design

graphic Graphic Design
If you want better job, learn Graphic Design. You can earn money by working ODesk, Freelancer and other network market place. Many job are waiting for a graphic designer. So Hurry Up.
Graphics Design —— Duration – 6 Month

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photo Impect
  • Mecromedia Flash
What is Graphic design?
Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, and image. Graphic designers use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a final result. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated.

Overall Objective

  • It has been used to edit and create images as diverse as Commercial Art, Cosmetic ads, New Photos, Motion picture footage, Animation cells & Fine Art work.
  • Creates original Art & converts it to desired Platforms.
  • Retouch, manipulate & enhance photographs of Digital arts.
  • Master the special effects you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn the secrets of Output & Storage of your Images.
  • Web page designing.
  • Complex and High Quality Output.
  • Logos, Libraries
  • High Quality Illustrations.
  • Creating Banners, Posters, Handbills etc